Want to work together?

I have experience with making movies working on my own, but I especially love to do collaborations. There are two ways in which I have been collaborating:


Creative film projects:

At the end of October 2020 we had a screening ( @ De Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam) of my movie with live music created by a composer with whom I had worked together for almost a year to make our art (the music and the images) line up. It resulted in a story about our Energy consumption and how this effects our surroundings (watch here a short version of the 19-minute movie)

Commissioned film projects:

For people that are in the creative/ craft Industry, I make short videos about their making process. Aiming to tell their stories with carefully chosen compositions. To capture the beauty of their work, and their identity within ( have a look here :)

How? It's pretty simple. I arrive with my camera set-up (including drone, 4k camera, tripod and gimbal) to follow you for one day. Together we start the day with a coffee talking over the key processes that form the basis to your work. Together we connect possible scenes and compositions to these elements. After a full day of gathering film material, I go home and start editing. Making it into a 1,5/2-minute promotion video of your working process.  

I am currently accepting new projects. Please send me an email (emmavds1@hotmail.com) or fill in the contact form!

(Video made in New Zealand from a coffee corner window, when I saw these men working together I had to grab my camera :)