Want to work together?

I have experience with making movies working on my own, but I especially love to do collaborations. There are two ways in which I have been collaborating:


Creative film projects:

At the end of October 2020 we had a screening ( @ De Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam) of my movie with live music created by a composer with whom I had worked together for almost a year to make our art (the music and the images) line up. It resulted in a story about our Energy consumption and how this effects our surroundings (watch here a short version of the 19-minute movie)

Commissioned film projects:

For entrepreneurs who are making the world more beautiful, I make short videos about their initiative. Aiming to tell their stories with carefully chosen compositions. To capture the beauty of their work, and the identity within ( have a look here :).


Together with Jeppe van Pruissen I am currently working on Change the Story. An initiative that wants to visualize the new culture. Culture has always been created by stories and therefore we want to show the stories that will be fundamental for the new world. Stories of regenerative sustainable initiatives that are representing a culture of abundance, a culture that feels alive. A culture that is ours!

I am currently accepting new projects. Please send me an email (emmavds1@hotmail.com) or fill in the contact form!

(Video made in New Zealand from a coffee corner window, when I saw these men working together I had to grab my camera :)