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The Seaweed Company

As change the story ( Jeppe van Pruissen and Emma van der Steen) we wanted to visualize the regenerative movement in the Netherlands. For a series of events organized by Climate Cleanup, we made 3 videos of 3 initiatives that are embodying the core of regeneration. The occasion of the event was the Dutch translation of the book of Paul Hawken: "Regeneration- ending the climate crisis in one generation". We were honoured by a visit of Paul Hawken during these days, combining his inspirational talks with a screening of our videos in Pakhuis de Zwijger. 

The Seaweed Company is adding live in the sea by growing seaweed. Seaweed is facilitating a habitat for an healthy sea, but that is just the start of all the positive effects seaweed has in creating life on both land and water.

Link to video 


This quote from the video says it all...

"I think love is the force that binds everything together, the tendency to interact with each other in a positive way and that is totally unstoppable. All living creatures have it. And that is the core of regeneration because if we connect to that feeling that is deep in us of taking care of the other and we acknowledge that the other is more than just a human being, is actually our whole landscape then we can start interacting in a positive way." - Ricardo Cano Mateo- 


Bodemzicht is a regenerative farm that puts life in the centre of everything they do. They are the example of regeneration in the Netherlands not only by what they do, but also by whom they are personally. 

Link to video

Bloei en Groei

Lots of people are living with stress. City gardens like Bloei en Groei in Amsterdam helps people to heal and thrive. 

As Ama Koranteng- Kumi points out, there are many places that are side-lined by society, people who are seen as less valuable. These are exactly the places where regeneration is needed most. By creating City Gardens Bloei and Groei increases the connection people can have with themselves, with nature and with their neighbours. 

Link to video

Earth's Gift

"I am responsible for myself and for everyone else, and I am fashioning a certain image of man as I choose him to be. In choosing myself, I choose man". [Sartre]


Earth's Gift takes the story of fossil fuels as its inspiration. In this audio visual performance we combine drone footage with instrumental and industrial sounds that bring to your attention the complexity of our relation with the Earth. Aiming to Create a moment to stand still and reconsider what direction we want to go together. A moment to think about Sartre's words and decide whom we chose to be and how this will shape our surroundings. 

We are open to give a life concert and screening on request. 

Let there be wildlife

In the busy streets of Paris, I came across this bird. As we increasingly try to control every bit of our surroundings, seeing spontaneous wildlife as a threat, i was surprised to find this bird being able to wash himself in a busy street in Paris. 'Let there be wildlife' is a celebration of the living that is still able to move freely.

Operation Education

If not now, then when? If not us, then who? Operation Education strives for a new educational system. A new society in which education plays a key role to create meaningful relations with ourselves, each other, and nature. Education where children can be their true self. Education where every living organism thrives. 

Change the story-  (Jeppe van Pruissen and me) followed them for one day where they celebrated their 10 years of bringing people working within the Dutch educational system together to entourage leadership that creates change. First change in themselves and then change in the system.  


Grutto wants people to eat quality meat. And quality meat means that the animal is thriving. An animal is healthy only when the food they eat is healthy too. The food can only be full of nutrition when the soil is full of live. Therefore, Grutto is a network of farmers that add biodiversity and health to our soil, and sell the meat of the animals that walk upon this soil. 

Together with my colleague and filmmaker Jeppe van Pruissen, and the amazing team of Grutto, we made a brand movie in autumn 2021. Check out their website; the video is on their landing page.

Thijmen makes furniture 

For a full day I followed Thijmen in his design process. He makes furniture, and does this mostly by hand. Therefore, his story is perfect to tell through film. From the drawing table to sawing and sanding the chairs he makes. 

During this film day Thijmen and me indicated his making process and started shooting. Both his ideas and stories about his work and my way of filming resulted in this 1,5-minute video. 

SDG Spotlight

SDG Spotlight Nederland commissioned me to make this video for communication purposes. SDG Spotlight Netherlands wants to show the progress in the Netherlands with regard to implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) . Keeping a critical eye on promises and actual progress.  The two themes: SDG 10 (Reduced Inequality) and SDG 15 (Life on Land) are visualised in the video making use of the music composed by Kate Honey. The interviews are in Dutch and are meant to personalize the two themes. Making use of the principle “ The most personal is the most universal”. This video is also used during the launch of SDG Spotlight on the 1st of March 2021. 

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