Creative film projects

Earth's Gift

"I am responsible for myself and for everyone else, and I am fashioning a certain image of man as I choose him to be. In choosing myself, I choose man". [Sartre]

Earth's Gift takes the story of fossil fuels as its inspiration. In this audiovisual performance we combine drone footage with instrumental and industrial sounds that Bring to your attention the complexity of our relation with the Earth. Aiming to Create a moment to stand still and reconsider what direction we want to go together. A moment to think about Sartre's words and decide whom we chose to be and how this will shape our surroundings. 

Let there be wildlife

In the busy streets of Paris, I came across this bird. As we increasingly try to control every bit of our surroundings, seeing spontaneous wildlife as a threat, i was surprised to find this bird being able to wash himself in a busy street in Paris. 'Let there be wildlife' is a celebration of the living that is still able to move freely

Self Pity

"Self Pity. In it's full glory. What a wonderful thing to be filming. What a wonderful state to be in. How we long for it to last forever, how we long for things to continue to go wrong. So we can, when it's all over, disappear for a while, to this wonderful feeling, this wonderful state I am in. "
Self Pity is my first movie EVER and represent one of the themes that I have been researching academically, creatively and emotionally. It continues to fascinate me that we have an inner world that would consciously increase our pain by allowing Self Pity. Allowing ourselves to disappear in passiveness and sorrow.