Commisioned film projects

Operation Education

If not now, then when? If not us, then who? Operation Education strives for a new educational system. A new society in which education plays a key role to create meaningful relations with ourselves, each other, and nature. Education where children can be their true self. Education where every living organism thrives. 

Jeppe van Pruissen and me followed them for one day where they celebrated their 10 years of bringing people working within the Dutch educational system together to entourage leadership that creates change. First change in themselves and then change in the system.  


Grutto wants people to eat quality meat. And quality meat means that the animal is thriving. An animal is healthy only when the food they eat is healthy too. The food can only be full of nutrition when the soil is full of live. Therefore, Grutto is a network of farmers that add biodiversity and health to our soil, and sell the meat of the animals that walk upon this soil. 

Together with my colleague and filmmaker Jeppe van Pruissen, and the amazing team of Grutto, we made a brand movie in autumn 2021. Check out their website; the video is on their landing page.

Thijmen makes furniture 

For a full day I followed Thijmen in his design process. He makes furniture, and does this mostly by hand. Therefore, his story is perfect to tell through film. From the drawing table to sawing and sanding the chairs he makes. 

During this film day Thijmen and me indicated his making process and started shooting. Both his ideas and stories about his work and my way of filming resulted in this 1,5-minute video. 

SDG Spotlight

SDG Spotlight Nederland commissioned me to make this video for communication purposes. SDG Spotlight Netherlands wants to show the progress in the Netherlands with regard to implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) . Keeping a critical eye on promises and actual progress.  The two themes: SDG 10 (Reduced Inequality) and SDG 15 (Life on Land) are visualised in the video making use of the music composed by Kate Honey. The interviews are in Dutch and are meant to personalize the two themes. Making use of the principle “ The most personal is the most universal”. This video is also used during the launch of SDG Spotlight on the 1st of March 2021. 

Vrouwencircel De Verbinding

De Verbinding is a sharing circle for woman who want to connect more to themselves and therefore also more to others. With mediation, breath work, music, yoga and other exercises, Ruda de Goede and Vivian Takken create a space where this connection can grow. 


For one day I followed Buitenbazen on their adventure. Buitenbazen organize summer camps for children.  With 20+ kids they seek to reconnect with nature, being active in a playful way and simply be outside. In this video I tried to capture their spirit and how their activities transform the children in a positive way.