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My name is Emma van der Steen. What I love doing is making short movies about sustainability, social challenges, personal stories but also about things that are simply beautiful. 

After having traveled for many years, and after finishing a bachelor program at Leiden University focused on political, economic and social issues, I started working in the sustainability sector. In this sector there have been conferences, meetings, Round Tables and gatherings for half a decade! These were largely focused on knowledge sharing and talking about solutions.  Here I stumbled upon an opportunity that I wanted to explore. Being: how do I increase the general belief in the possibility to create. To create all that we imagine. Because I want this world to not only to know, to talk, and to fantasize. But I want us to feel. To imagine. To experience. And most of all; to see.

Currently, I am making both creative videos and commissioned videos. In making creative videos I focus on abstraction, beauty and sustainability. Commissioned projects are focused on telling stories of others. Translating the factual knowledge into visuals.  I aim to tell the story of the commissioning party by carefully choosing compositions that show their personality and their skills.